Please help us fulfil a dream and raise funds to print this beautiful volume of dazzling photographs and lovely uplifting Christian Quotes that you can use as gifts for family, friends, colleagues, your church or alternatively donate to someone less privileged that needs some form of encouragement.

Our hope is to raise enough funds to print 1000 Beautiful Christian Coffee Table Books that features striking nature photography and flowing creative artistry with over 125+ amazing, life giving quotes.

This is a very short campaign and we have minimal time to raise R85 000 to fund the printing of these books.

What if by your hand you could change someone’s life forever?

This project is a reward based campaign and you will be offered in return –
The Exquisite Book, Stunning Prints or Digital Scripture Art to light your way.

If we don’t reach our tipping point you will be refunded your investment –
So absolutely no risk to you at all

Please give a Gift of Love.  Extend a Hand of Hope.
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To receive Christian Gifts of Books, Prints, Digital Scripture Art in return for your donations


To simply contribute to a good cause to bless others & further the Kingdom of God
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