Faith Gift Pack

Dear Tanya.
I love your work and I am sure it will be a blessing to those who read it
and look at it! I pray that the Lord will open the right doors for you
and may the vision of these beautiful books gracing coffee tables
around the world, be realised”

May God bless you
Pastor Andrew Roebert

“Beautiful photography and encouraging words
Linda Otto

“The love of God shines through the beauty of nature
and His love is seen in these glorious pages”
Petal Dawn

“This book is an inspiring way to start the day. The photographs are exquisite, bright and vibrant. Truly a masterpiece”
Andrea Nielson

“It’s stunning
Juliano Velacci

“A carefully selected collection of beautiful pictures and Christian inspired quotes; also a perfect gift or table book for reception areas”
Graham Jones

“The quotes in this book are inspiring and thought provoking. The magnificent pictures soothe the soul and take you on a journey into the beauty of nature and God’s awesome creativity. It brought a sense of peace and awe to me as I turned the pages of this wonderful, uplifting book”
Tania Breytenbach

“Hi Tanya, we all had a good look at your beautiful book and the framed pictures and were sad we didn’t see you to say goodbye and tell you how much we enjoyed browsing through them.

The photos are stunning and the quotations so thoughtfully selected. Please let me know when and where they are for sale as I really want to buy for us and for gifts. Congratulations on an inspiring production”
Ann McGregor


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